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How to order

1. Add products to Cart

Choose the items you would like to order and add them to your cart (choose size and color first if required). You can collect one or multiple items in your cart. You find the cart button in the top right corner of your screen.

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Tap on your cart button and you will see your cart overview.
You can view and edit your cart (option on bottom) or go straight to checkout by tapping the “Go to Checkout” button.
Maureen's Boutique - How to order?


On our Checkout page you will find the option to log in or create a new account. You can also continue to order as a guest.
Enter your email, first name, last name, mobile number (incl. country code) and choose the country to where you want to have your items shipped. Make sure your mobile number is correct so we can get in touch with you if there are any questions or updates for your order.
Maureen's Boutique - How to order?


Scroll down to choose your Shipping and Payment Method.
Simply choose your region through the dropdown menu. We use EMS or Modern Coast to ship within Kenya. For shipments to Uganda, Rwanda or Tanzania we use Modern Coast
Maureen's Boutique - How to order?


Scroll down to see your and review order summary.
Tap the “Place Order Now” button to finalize your order.
Maureen's Boutique - How to order?


You will be taken to a screen which summarizes your order details and explains the next steps for your payment.
If you ordered as a guest we suggest you screenshot this page for future reference. If you have an account with us you can review your order details there.
The order confirmation screen will give you step-by-step instructions on how to pay your order.
If you decide to send your payment from another number than the one you have given us in your payment method details during checkout make sure to inform us via text or Whatsapp on +254 718 555332 so we can correctly assign your payment to your order.
Maureen's Boutique - How to order?

Payment & Delivery

Payment Methods

We currently offer the following payment methods:
• Cash on Delivery (throughout East Africa)*
• Mobile Money (M-Pesa, MTN, Airtel)**
• Card payments (Visa, Mastercard)**

We offer all payment methods at no additional fees for you.

*Cash on Delivery payments are to be collected by our courier service “Speedball courier” upon delivery. Please make sure you have the amount indicated on your order at hand on arrival.
**Mobile Money and Card payments will be processed by our payment gateway provider “Flutterwave”. After checkout you will be redirected to the payment gateway when you click the “Make payment” button.

Delivery Method

We deliver every order door-to-door via Speedball Courier within 1-4 days. This applies for deliveries in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Standard Shipping Fees (for orders under Free Delivery Threshold)

• Kenya: 300 KSh
• Uganda: 17.500 UGX*
• Rwanda: 4.500 RWF*
• Tanzania: 10.500 TZS*

*slight deviations possible depending on the days exchange rate

Free Shipping Thresholds (Free Delivery for orders over…):

• Kenya: 4.000 KSh
• Uganda: 142.000 UGX*
• Rwanda: 35.500 RWF*
• Tanzania: 88.500 TZS*

*slight deviations possible depending on the days exchange rate

How do I return an item?
(Return Policy)

We only have 2 conditions to return any item you have received from

• You return the item(s) within 14 days after you have received it/them.
• The returned item(s) are in the same (new) condition as you have received them in.

Where do I send my returns?

We accept returns via Posta Kenya, EMS Express, Modern Coast or Mash Bus.

Returns via Posta Kenya / EMS Express:
Main African Goods & Services
PO Box 84577
80100 Mombasa

Returns via Modern Coast or Mash Bus:
Main African Goods & Services
(attn. Maureen Wanjiru Kamau)
Nyali Office (City Mall)
Mobile: +254 115 151015

Keep your shipping receipts to confirm your return shipment (in case of a lost delivery).
Please note that you have to carry the risk of lost shipments if you choose a delivery method which doesn’t supply a tracking number.

What do I have to include in my return?

Best choice is to include the packing slip or invoice we added to your order.
If you don’t include that, please make sure to include a note with your order number in your return shipment, otherwise we will not be able to know who sent the return and can’t correctly assign any refund.
Make sure to properly pack and seal your return package, if possible you can use the shipping bag you received from us.

What cannot be returned?

You can’t return any item that is used/worn beyond test or fitting purposes.
Please keep in mind that we can’t refund for items that have been stained, carry odors, are damaged, repaired or washed by the customer.
If you receive a stained or damaged item please click here.

How do refunds work?

When the 2 conditions for returns are met (see above) you receive a full refund of your initial buying price.
The refund will be credited to your initial payment method after we have reviewed and processed the return.
If you paid on delivery we need your mobile money details indicated to refund you.
Please not that we can’t refund initial delivery fees for returns.

Are partial returns possible?

If you ordered multiple items you can keep or return as many items as you wish.

Yes, if you don’t like 2 out of 4 ordered items, you don’t have to return the entire order, just return the 2 items you don’t want to keep. You will receive a refund for the 2 items you’ve returned.

Who pays the return costs?

At the moment we unfortunately can’t offer free returns since we found some customers abusing free returns to send back damaged or worn items. We hope to implement free returns again in the future.

How do I exchange an item? (Exchange Policy)

Please note you can only exchange item(s) to a similar item at the same price but with different specifications (same item(s) but different size or color). If you want to receive other item(s) instead you would have to return the initially ordered item(s) and place a new order for the item(s) you wish to receive.

You can choose between 2 options to exchange an item, depending on your location:

Option 1 (applicable for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda):
You return the item(s) you want to exchange and place a new order from our website.
You will be refunded for the returned item(s) in accordance to our Return Policy as soon as we receive your return.
This is the quickest and easiest way to receive your desired exchange item(s).

Option 2 (applicable only for Kenya, Tanzania):
You return the item(s) you want to exchange in accordance to our Return Policy.
Please add a note in your return shipment which “SKU” and color you want to receive as exchange item(s). You find the SKU on our website under the “Product Details” section of each item.

If still available we will ship the exchange item(s) to you free of charge after we have processed your return.
If your chosen exchange item(s) aren’t available anymore when your return shipment arrives at our storage we will contact you.

You can choose if you want a refund for the returned item or if you want us to resend the returned item back to you free of charge.

Please note, for both exchange options the customer has to pay the return costs.

An item is missing or damaged

Of course we try to keep mistakes to a minimum but they can happen. We apologize in case it happened to you. We can help you effectively if you follow these simple steps:

1. Please contact us ([email protected], Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp: +254 115 151015).

2. Tell us your order number (you find the order number on the packing slip we add to your delivery, your invoice or in your customer account).

3. If your order contains multiple items please point out the “SKU” of the item you didn’t receive/falsely received/is damaged (you find the “SKU” on the packing slip we add to your delivery).

4. In case of receiving a wrong item please provide a picture of the item that has been falsely delivered to you. In case of a damaged item please showcase the damage on a picture as well.

5. We will get in touch with you about the next steps. This can be a free delivery of the correct/functional item or a full refund. This decision is made individually for each case and up to our customer service.

We might ask you to return a falsely delivered/damaged item. In this case we would of course refund the return costs. Please apologize the inconveniences in such a case, we hope for your understanding.

I didn’t receive my order

In case you didn’t receive your order please contact us:
[email protected]
• Facebook Messenger
• Whatsapp: +254 115 151015

Tell us your order number (you can find the order number on the packing slip we add to your order, on your invoice or in your customer account). If you don’t know your order number, please provide us with the first and last name that you used when you placed your order. We will then try to find your order in our system.

Once we have found your order we will investigate the shipping process and get in touch with the courier service about the status of the shipment. We will inform you about any new information we receive from the courier service.

In case we have a confirmed lost shipment we will let you choose whether you’d like us to resend the order (if items are still in stock) or send you a full refund of your buying price incl. shipping costs to your initial payment method.

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