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Our mission

Maureen’s Boutique aims to be your Go-To Online Store for state of the art hair products, jewelry, fashion and accessories!

Starting in 2017 and based at the beautiful Kenyan coastline, we aimed at laying out an online shopping experience inspired by highest European standards. This is why our team at is a jolly mix of African as well as European collegues working on- and offline.

From day 1 we had the goal in mind to provide a safe, reliable and pleasant shopping experience for our customer base in Africa, currently serving Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

We offer competitive prices, free delivery at a certain threshold (our human hair wigs are alwayas free of shipping fees), Door-to-Door delivery service within just a few days as well as safe payment methods like “Pay on Delivery” or online mobile and card payments. model

In 2021 we entered the market for human hair wigs. We’re proud to offer a combination of high quality and affordability which quickly made us one of the favorite sellers on the African market. The range of options in terms of style, lace type, color and length amounts to 19800(!) possible variations of human hair wigs currently available in our store. This comprehensive selection makes the market leader. We always want to make sure you find what you’re looking for.

Our checkout is the fastest and easiest in all of Africa. One page, no clutter, no needless clicking around, just sweet & simple!

And to top it off we love to surprise you with little gifts in each and every order we sent out. If we can brighten your day when you receive your order from, it brightens ours!

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