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All you must know about Real Human Hair wigs. affordable real human hair wigs logo

General Info about real human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are an investment that make you feel confident and beautiful but at the same time require the right amount of attention and care.
If you order a wig from you will receive a high-quality product that feels and behaves like the real natural hair it is.

In order to maintain its look you should adhere to some tips that we collected here for you.
After all our motto is to be smart & sexy with Maureen’s Boutique. So let’s do this…

10 quick tips for your human hair wig

1. Don’t wear your wig to bed, it can cause hair breakage or mattening, keep it on a wig stand or mannequin.

2. Avoid sea water, chlorinated water or hot water.

3. Use running cold or lukewarm water to wash.

4. Detangle with fingers or wide-tooth comb before washing.

5. Whenever possible, avoid your wig being exposed to direct sunlight, especially when on a wig stand.

6. Be extra careful with light hair colors, they’re more delicate.

7. Wash in 2 steps: apply shampoo first. Rinse, then apply conditioner.

8. Rinse thoroughly after using shampoo and conditioner.

9. Squeeze water gently from your wig. Don’t twist or wring.

10. Air dry on a wig stand or mannequin if possible, if you blow-dry use low heat.

Washing a human hair wig

Generally you should wash your human hair wig once a month. If you’re in a dusty environment you can also wash it twice a month without worries.

Before washing a human hair wig

It is important to remove any tangles or knots in the natural hair before washing.
To do so you can use a so called wide-tooth comb.
It is sufficient though to gently comb through the hair using just your fingers. This even is the preferrable method for any type of curly wigs since combs can lessen the curl effect over time.
If you decide to use a comb we generally prefer to use a steel or metal comb instead of plastic combs.

metal wide tooth comb boutique

Example of a metal wide-tooth comb

When combing the hair you should start at the bottom and then moving your way up to the base in smaller steps. You will feel that any entanglements are easier to remove this way than when you brush down from head to tip. It will also prevent the wig from shedding.

Don’t stretch your wig when you comb. Feel when you meet any resistance and work through it slowly. Take your time!
Don’t worry about a little hair loss when combing, it is perfectly normal.

Washing a human hair wig

Take your wig off and hold it under cold to lukewarm running water.
We suggest to do this in the shower. If you choose to do it in a sink take care to avoid any tangles that you just removed.

Start with using a small amount of mild shampoo, about the size of a cherry. Rub the shampoo in your hand until it becomes foam.
Don’t rub or massage the foam into the natural hair to avoid breakage, just distribute the shampoo evenly from top to bottom.
Take care to not apply the shampoo to the base or lace of the wig. It can loosen the knots and cause hair loss.

Afterwards, rinse the shampoo with running water. You can apply some of the soapy water inside of the cap to clean it.

Always use cold or lukewarm water at most since water that is too warm can abet split ends. After all your wig is made of actual human hair and will behave accordingly.

Conditioning a human hair wig

After you washed out the shampoo and your wig is still wet you can move on to applying conditioner.
Use the same amount of conditioner as you used shampoo and start allocating it evenly on the hair. Just like the shampoo, avoid applying the conditioner to the scalp of the wig.

Leave the conditioner in the hair for about 5 minutes before untangling it once more (as described here).
Afterwards you can rinse the conditioner from your wig with cold running water.

Drying a human hair wig

Now that you’re done with the washing you can dry your human hair wig.
To do this gently, squeeze the water from the hair before you carefully blot it with a towel. Don’t wring or twist it in the process.
If you want to blow-dry, make sure to use low heat but we generally advise against blow-drying because it can favor new tangles.

Once the excess water has been squeezed out you can choose to apply some shine oil. Doing this will not only add a healthy shine to the natural hair but also help to keep it moisturized and protected.

Do not comb your wig right after washing, rather wait until it dried off.

The best way to preserve the fibers of the natural hair is to let it dry on a wig stand or mannequin. They come in all shapes and colors, any of them will do.

wig stand boutique

Example of a wig stand

Styling a human hair wig

After drying you can apply styling tools like curling, flat irons or electric rollers.
It’s a fantastic feature that you can style your wig according to your daily needs.

However, to keep your wig in the best shape possible we advise to not use any such tools too often but instead to buy the style you like right away.
It’s always a good idea to keep a straight and a curly wig around if you like to rock both styles. First of all, it rids you of the daily styling hassle plus it keeps each wig in a better and healthier shape longer.

At we offer many different styles and types of human hair wigs.

Another option, especially if you’re not sure how to go about the styling, you can always visit a salon which can provide you with creative ideas on what to do with your hair.

The different variations of our human hair wigs explained

Different types of real human hair wigs. We offer 4:

All our wigs are made from 100% real natural human hair:

• Common wigs (8 styles, 10 to 30 inch, 4 possible laces)
• Bob wigs (bob cut, 8 styles, 8 to 16 inch, 4 possible laces)
• Headband wigs (8 styles, 10 to 30 inch, headband closure instead of laces)
• Machine-made wigs (8 styles, 10 to 30 inch, wig cap instead of laces)

Our common wigs are (as the name states) the most common and popular option. They are what you mostly see in use. However, we offer alternatives that can save a buck.
Headband and machine-made wigs are naturally cheaper since they don’t use a lace like the standard or bob wigs do. The lace is what gives a great hold of your hair but ultimately makes the wigs pricier as well.

Different styles of human hair wigs. We offer 8:

• Straight
• Body Wave
• Kinky Curly (also known as Afro Curly)
• Jerry Curl
• Loose Wave
• Deep Wave
• Water Wave
• Loose Deep

Different laces / closures of human hair wigs. We offer 4:

• 360
• T-Lace
• 13×4 inch
• 4×4 inch

We don’t offer 13×1 inch closures since they have proven to not offer a strong hold and are not very popular because of this. We want happy customers and chose not to offer 13×1 inch laces for that reason.

Different lengths of human hair wigs. We offer 12:

• from 10 to 30 inch for Common, Headband and Machine-made wigs
• from 8 to 16 inch for Bob wigs

Different colors of human hair wigs. We offer any color you like:

As a standard we offer black and blonde. The black hair is also called “Virgin hair” which simply means the human hair wigs haven’t been colored or bleached.

If you wish for another color than black or blonde you can contact us and we can guide you to an online color picker. In the end it will be as simple as a 6 digit code the color picker gives you that we can then use to color your hair as you please.

Need guidance? Or you want to know more or order a custom color human hair wig, contact us!
Best way of doing this is writing to [email protected], FB messenger or Whatsapp +254 115 151015.

As a rule of thumb for every hair color other than the classic black we charge an additional 1500 KSh (or currency equivalent). This covers the production cost of coloring the hair for you.

For blonde wigs we use Pantone 613. Pantone is the name of a standardized color matching system and “613” simply defines the blonde color in that system. See this example:

blonde wig hair color boutique

Example of Pantone 613 blonde wigs

Our real human hair products

Considering all variations of style, length, color and lace we offer an incredible variety of 1376 different wigs.

Technically, since we can produce any hair color you like, the possible combinations are virtually endless.
But don’t worry, we broke everything down for you in a few well-arranged offers.
You can choose the variations within each offer.

Clicking the product titles or images will take you straight to the product ⇩

➜ Straight Style common wig

Straight Style common wig

➜ Body Wave common wig

Body Wave common wig

➜ Kinky Curly common wig

Kinky Curly common wig

➜ Jerry Curl common wig

Jerry Curl common wig

➜ Loose Wave common wig

Loose Wave common wig

➜ Deep Wave common wig

Deep Wave common wig

➜ Water Wave common wig

Water Wave common wig

➜ Loose Deep common wig

Loose Deep common wig

➜ Bob wig

Bob wig

➜ Headband wig

Headband wig

➜ Machine-made wig

Machine-made wig

Smart & Sexy with Maureen’s Boutique ❤️

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